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Research Center for World Buddhist Cultures





論文 1

[特集] Shin Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam: Comparative Theology (2026-2019)

“Introduction” by Mitsuya Dake

“A Muslim Perspective of the Concept of Ultimate Reality” by Elif Emirahmetoglu

“Myth and History in Christian Thought: Reunification and Retrieval” by James L Fredericks

“Wisdom and Compassion, Exposure and Embrace: Transcendent Immanence” by David Matsumoto


論文 2

“証言としての宗教体験言説—網島梁川の思想と実践—” by 古荘匡義

“Metaphorical Interpretations of ‘Kalyāṇamitra’ in the Gaṇḍavyūha-sūtra” by Jianrong Shi

“Reimagining Ancient India in Modern Japan: Interactions between Buddhist Priests, Scholars, and Artists at Ajanta” by Paride Stortini