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Release of Journal of World Buddhist Cultures, Vol. 7 (2024)


The Research Center for World Buddhist Cultures at Ryukoku University is pleased to announce that the Journal of World Buddhist Cultures, Vol. 7 (2024) has now been released and is available on the center’s homepage.

The current issue includes three scholarly articles and one book review.

Bee SCHERER. ““I did not kill Kyaw Zin Win….”: Queer Suicide and Buddhist Social Thought”

Mrigendra PRATAP. “The Emergence and Evolution of the “Neither Monk nor Layman” View in Shinran, Ambedkar, and Sangharakshita’s Work”

Avery MORROW. “The Traces of Ippen Shōnin: Healing, Contagion, and the Disputed Legacy of a Wandering Saint”

Book Reviews
Gouranga Charan PRADHAN. Review of Impermanence: Exploring continuous change across cultures Ed. by Haidy Geismar, Ton Otto and Cameron David Warner

The whole volume is available for free download. Please have a look at the contents from the following link.


We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all authors including those contributors whose essays couldn’t be included in this issue, reviewers, and supporters of the journal.

We plan to invite papers for the next volume in May 2024. Please do consider submitting your scholarly articles and also encourage your colleagues to submit to JWBC.

Inquiries: Please feel free to drop us a line at the following email.

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